What can I use cheese for?

What can I use cheese for?


Recipes using cheese

37 Cheese Recipes to Empty Out That Cheese Drawer. From mac ‘n’ cheese to cheesy cornbread, these recipes will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more! Get ready for a cheese-filled feast.

37 Cheese Recipes to Empty Out That Cheese Drawer

If you have a cheese drawer that’s overflowing, fear not! We’ve got 37 incredible recipes to help you make the most of all that cheesy goodness. From mac ‘n’ cheese to tarts and risottos, these dishes will satisfy your cravings and clear out your fridge in no time. Get ready for a cheese extravaganza!

Easy cheesy leeks

Leeks and cheese make a dreamy combo. Sautee those leeks, sprinkle on some cheesy goodness, and you’ve got yourself an easy and delicious dish. Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner!

Beer mac ‘n’ cheese

Beer mac ‘n’ cheese is the ultimate comfort food, combining creamy cheese sauce with a hint of beer for added depth and flavor. It’s a delicious twist on a classic dish that will leave you craving more.

Cheese & caramelised onion tart

The Cheese & Caramelised Onion Tart – a savory delight that combines the richness of cheese with the sweetness of caramelised onions. Perfect for any occasion!

Brie wrapped in prosciutto & brioche

Brie wrapped in prosciutto & brioche is a decadent treat that combines the creamy richness of brie with the salty, savory flavors of prosciutto. The buttery brioche adds the perfect touch of sweetness. Indulge and savor each bite!


Flamiche is a delicious French pastry filled with creamy cheese and caramelized onions. It’s the perfect balance of savory and sweet, making it an irresistible treat for any cheese lover.

Pancetta, cheddar & cranberry croquettes

a delightful blend of savory pancetta, rich cheddar cheese, and sweet cranberries. These crispy bites are the perfect party appetizer or indulgent snack.

Pesto & goat’s cheese risotto

Pesto & goat’s cheese risotto is a creamy and flavorful dish that combines the freshness of pesto with the tanginess of goat’s cheese. It’s a perfect balance of flavors in every bite!

Multi-seed cheese straws

Multi-seed cheese straws are a delicious and crunchy snack that combines the nutty flavors of different seeds with the rich taste of cheese. Perfect for parties or as a quick treat!

Cheesy sweetcorn cornbread

Cheesy sweetcorn cornbread is a delicious twist on traditional cornbread, with gooey pockets of cheese and bursts of sweetness from the corn. Perfect as a side dish or snack!

Broccoli cheese with wholemeal pasta & brown breadcrumbs

Broccoli cheese with wholemeal pasta & brown breadcrumbs is a delicious and nutritious dish that combines the goodness of broccoli, cheese, and whole grain pasta. It’s a comforting meal that will satisfy your cravings without any guilt.

Cheese-stuffed garlic dough balls with a tomato sauce dip

Cheese-stuffed garlic dough balls are the ultimate comfort food. Bursting with gooey cheese and infused with garlic, they pair perfectly with a tangy tomato sauce dip. Heavenly indulgence in every bite!

Pickled pineapple & sriracha grilled cheese

Pickled pineapple and sriracha grilled cheese takes this classic sandwich to a whole new level. The tangy sweetness of pickled pineapple pairs perfectly with the spicy kick of sriracha, creating a flavor explosion in every bite.

Cheese & bacon scones

Cheese and bacon scones are the perfect savory treat. These fluffy, cheesy delights with crispy bacon bits baked in will have you coming back for more!

Triple cheese & bacon dauphinoise

Layers of creamy potatoes, crispy bacon, and a trio of cheeses baked to perfection. Indulge in this rich and comforting dish for the ultimate cheesy satisfaction.

Cheese and potato pie

Cheese and potato pie is the ultimate comfort food. The creamy, cheesy filling combined with the crispy pastry crust creates a deliciously satisfying meal. Perfect for a cozy night in!

Cheese, oat & spring onion soda bread

Cheese, oat & spring onion soda bread is a delightful twist on traditional soda bread. The combination of cheese, oats, and spring onions adds a rich and savory flavor to this classic bread recipe. Perfect for enjoying with soups or as a tasty snack!

Tandoori paneer skewers with mango salsa

Tandoori paneer skewers with mango salsa are a delightful combination of spicy, smoky flavors paired with refreshing sweetness. Perfect for summer BBQs and vegetarian gatherings. Enjoy the vibrant colors and bold tastes!


Flaounes are traditional Cypriot cheese pastries filled with a mixture of halloumi, mint, and eggs. They’re savory, delicious, and perfect for brunch or as a snack!

Marinated goat’s cheese

Marinated goat’s cheese adds a tangy, flavorful kick to any dish. Its creamy texture and zesty marinade make it the perfect addition to salads, sandwiches, or even as a standalone appetizer. Get creative with this versatile ingredient!

Cheddar & sage scones

If you’re looking for a savory treat, cheddar and sage scones are the way to go. The combination of sharp cheese and fragrant herbs makes for a deliciously fluffy and flavorful bite.

Blue cheese, butternut & barley salad with maple walnuts

Blue cheese, butternut & barley salad with maple walnuts is a delightful combination of flavors and textures. The creamy blue cheese, sweet butternut squash, hearty barley, and crunchy maple walnuts create a perfect balance in every bite.

Cheese & spinach penne with walnut crumble

Cheese & spinach penne with walnut crumble is a delicious and hearty dish that combines the creaminess of cheese, the freshness of spinach, and the crunch of walnut crumble. Perfect for pasta lovers!

Ham & blue cheese tart

Looking for a deliciously savory tart? Look no further than this ham and blue cheese combination. The flavors are bold, the crust is flaky, and every bite is pure satisfaction. You won’t be able to resist!

Cauliflower & cheese fritters with warm pepper relish

Cauliflower and cheese fritters are a delicious way to enjoy this versatile veggie. Paired with a warm pepper relish, these fritters are bursting with flavor and make for a satisfying snack or appetizer.

Mushroom Bolognese

Mushroom Bolognese is a delicious vegetarian twist on the classic Italian dish. With meaty mushrooms and rich tomato sauce, it’s a satisfying and hearty option for pasta night.

Cheese Fondue

Dive into a bubbling pot of melted cheese heaven. Dip bread, veggies, or anything else your heart desires for the ultimate indulgent experience. Pure cheesy bliss awaits!

Four Cheese-Stuffed Portobellos

These hearty mushrooms are filled with a blend of four cheeses, creating a gooey and flavor-packed dish that will satisfy any cheese lover’s cravings.

Cauliflower, Bacon, and Cheese Frittata

Cauliflower, bacon, and cheese frittata is a delicious twist on the classic dish. The combination of flavors creates a savory and satisfying meal that will leave you wanting more. Try it today!

Pasta Aglio e Olio

Pasta Aglio e Olio is a simple yet flavorful dish, with garlic-infused olive oil coating al dente pasta. It’s perfect for those lazy nights when you want something delicious but quick to make.

Creative uses for cheese

Stuff it inside your meatballs. Conceal it among layers of griddled ham, apples and french toast. Tuck it into a crepe and cover it with an egg. Bake it into your PIE CRUST.

Stuff it inside your meatballs.

One delicious way to use cheese is by stuffing it inside your meatballs, creating a melty surprise in every bite. It adds an extra layer of flavor and richness to the dish. So go ahead, get creative with your meatball recipe!

Conceal it among layers of griddled ham, apples and french toast.

One delicious way to use cheese is by concealing it among layers of griddled ham, apples, and French toast. The combination of savory and sweet flavors is simply irresistible.

Tuck it into a crepe and cover it with an egg.

Tuck a generous portion of cheese into a delicate crepe and top it off with a perfectly cooked egg for a breakfast that’s both savory and satisfying.

Bake it into your PIE CRUST.

One creative way to use cheese is by incorporating it into your pie crust. The melted, gooey goodness adds a savory twist to any sweet or savory pie filling. Try it out and indulge in cheesy perfection!

Use it as your gluten-free breadcrumb.

One creative use for cheese is to use it as a gluten-free breadcrumb substitute. It adds flavor and texture to dishes without the gluten!

Hide it in a loaf of bread.

One delicious way to use cheese is by hiding it in a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread. The melty surprise inside will have everyone coming back for seconds!

Stuff it into peppers.

Peppers are the perfect vessel to stuff with gooey, melted cheese. It adds a burst of flavor and takes your stuffed peppers to a whole new level of deliciousness!

Nestle it under a delicious mess of apples and oats.

One delicious way to use cheese is by nestling it under a mess of apples and oats for a sweet and savory twist.

Disguise it as “seasoning” for vegetables.

One clever way to use cheese is by disguising it as “seasoning” for vegetables. Just sprinkle some grated cheese on top and watch those veggies disappear!

Turn it into soup.

Soup is a versatile way to use up leftover cheese. Whether it’s creamy broccoli cheddar or tangy tomato and feta, soup is the perfect comforting dish for cheese lovers.

Pretend it’s a salad.

Pretend it’s a salad and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. It adds a creamy, tangy flavor that will elevate any bowl of greens. Get creative with different types of cheese for added variety!


Frying cheese is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy its gooey, melty goodness. Whether it’s mozzarella sticks or halloumi fries, the crispy exterior and creamy interior are sure to satisfy your cheesy cravings. So go ahead, fry it up!

Conceal it in a blanket of tortilla chips.

Concealing cheese in a blanket of tortilla chips is the ultimate snack hack. The crispy chips hide a gooey surprise that will have you coming back for more.

Bury it in grits.

Burying cheese in a warm, creamy bed of grits is like discovering buried treasure. The smooth, cheesy goodness melds perfectly with the hearty texture of the grits. Pure comfort on a plate!

Wrap it in bacon.

One delicious way to use cheese is by wrapping it in bacon, creating a savory and indulgent treat. The combination of the smoky bacon and melty cheese is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Turn it into a condiment.

Cheese, the versatile ingredient that it is, can even be transformed into a delightful condiment. Spread it on crackers or use it as a dip – the possibilities are endless!

Camouflage it in your next batch of muffins.

Muffins aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Get creative and surprise your taste buds by sneaking in some delicious cheese into your next batch.

When in doubt, stuff it into a pocket.

When in doubt, stuff cheese into your pocket for a quick and portable snack. It’s the perfect on-the-go treat that will satisfy your cheesy cravings anytime, anywhere.

What to do with leftover cheese

Leftover cheese? No problem! Transform it into a delicious fromage fort, cheesy hash browns, or even a mouthwatering cheese and mushroom turnover. Get creative with those tasty remnants!

Fromage Fort

Fromage Fort is a delicious way to use up leftover cheese. Just blend it with garlic, white wine, and herbs for a spread that’s perfect on crackers or bread.

Vegetable Soup with Fennel, Herbs and Parmesan Broth

This vegetable soup is bursting with flavor from the fennel, herbs, and parmesan broth. It’s a comforting and nutritious option for using up leftover cheese in a delicious way.

Mushroom and Fontina Crostini

A mouthwatering combination of earthy mushrooms and creamy fontina cheese on crispy toast. Perfect for an appetizer or a light snack. Enjoy the rich flavors!

Cheese Fondue

The ultimate communal dining experience. Dip your bread, veggies, and even fruit into a bubbling pot of melted cheese. It’s cheesy heaven in every bite!

Pasta Aglio e Olio

Pasta Aglio e Olio is a simple yet flavorful dish that combines pasta, garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. It’s quick to make and perfect for when you’re craving something deliciously satisfying.

Next level three-cheese risotto

Next level three-cheese risotto is a creamy and indulgent dish that takes your love for cheese to new heights. With the perfect blend of flavors, it’s a must-try for all cheese lovers out there.

Cheesy skillet hash brown & eggs

a delightful combination of crispy potatoes, gooey cheese, and perfectly cooked eggs. It’s the ultimate comfort breakfast that will satisfy your cheesy cravings in the most delicious way possible.

Cheeseboard macaroni cheese

Cheeseboard macaroni cheese takes comfort food to the next level with a rich and creamy blend of cheeses, topped with crispy breadcrumbs. It’s pure indulgence in every bite.

Cheeseboard & onion tart

The Cheeseboard & onion tart is a savory delight that brings together the rich flavors of cheese and caramelized onions. Perfect for any occasion!

Cheese, leek & potato tortilla

Cheese, leek & potato tortilla combines the creaminess of cheese with the earthy flavors of leeks and potatoes. It’s a satisfying dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Stilton & cranberry toastie

A flavor-packed combination of creamy stilton cheese and tangy cranberry sauce, melted between two slices of crispy bread. The perfect balance of savory and sweet!

Christmas ham quesadilla with sweet pickled onions

One delicious way to use cheese is by making a Christmas ham quesadilla with sweet pickled onions—perfect for adding some festive flavor to your holiday meals.

Ham, cheese & mushroom turnovers

Ham, cheese & mushroom turnovers are the perfect savory treat. Packed with delicious flavors and wrapped in buttery pastry, these turnovers will satisfy all your cheesy cravings. Yum!

Cheese & garlic pull-apart loaf

The Cheese & garlic pull-apart loaf is a deliciously cheesy and garlicky bread that’s perfect for snacking or sharing with friends. The gooey cheese and aromatic garlic make every bite irresistible.

Potted cheddar with ale & mustard

Potted cheddar with ale & mustard is a rich and flavorful combination that will elevate your cheese game. The creamy texture of the cheddar mixed with the bold flavors of ale and mustard creates a tantalizing spread for crackers or bread. Indulge in this delectable treat!

Brie, apple & onion tart

When it comes to using cheese, the possibilities are endless. Take for example this delicious Brie, apple & onion tart. The combination of flavors is simply divine.

Croque madame traybake

Croque madame traybake is a cheesy delight with layers of ham, Gruyere cheese, and mustard. Topped with eggs and baked to perfection. Perfect for brunch or a quick weeknight dinner. Indulge in this French-inspired dish!

Cheeseboard soufflé & seasonal salad

A delightful combination of fluffy soufflé and fresh, crisp salad. The creamy cheese perfectly complements the vibrant flavors of the seasonal greens.

Pan-fried camembert sandwich

The pan-fried camembert sandwich is a gooey, cheesy delight that will have your taste buds dancing with joy. Bite into the crispy bread and let the warm, melted cheese ooze out. Pure deliciousness!

Celeriac & comté fritters

Celeriac & comté fritters are a delightful way to showcase the earthy flavor of celeriac and the rich creaminess of Comté cheese. Perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft and cheesy center.

Cheese & ham souffléd omelette

a fluffy and flavorful combination of gooey cheese, savory ham, and perfectly cooked eggs. The ultimate breakfast treat that will leave you craving for more!

Cheeseboard pasta bake

Cheeseboard pasta bake is a deliciously cheesy and comforting dish that combines the flavors of different types of cheese with pasta, creating a gooey and satisfying meal. It’s perfect for cheese lovers looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite ingredient.

Easy broccoli soup

Looking for a comforting and easy way to use cheese? Try making a delicious broccoli soup that is creamy, cheesy, and full of flavor. It’s the perfect dish for those chilly evenings!

Bacon, spinach & gorgonzola pasta

Bacon, spinach & gorgonzola pasta is a heavenly combination of flavors. The salty bacon, earthy spinach, and tangy gorgonzola create a symphony of taste in every bite. Perfect for a quick and indulgent meal!

Melty cheese fondue pot

Dive into a gooey, cheesy heaven with this classic Swiss dish. Dip your favorite bread and vegetables for an irresistible combination of flavors and textures.

Baked potato skins with brie & truffle

Sink your teeth into these irresistible baked potato skins, oozing with creamy brie and infused with the luxurious flavor of truffle. Pure indulgence in every bite.

Brie, ham & fig jam toastie

The combination of creamy Brie, salty ham, and sweet fig jam in this toastie is a match made in sandwich heaven. It’s the perfect balance of flavors that will leave you craving more.

Chorizo & manchego scones

Chorizo and Manchego scones: a delightful spin on the classic treat. The smoky, spicy chorizo pairs perfectly with the rich, tangy Manchego cheese. A savory twist for any occasion!

Pommes braytoises

Pommes braytoises, the perfect ending to a cheese-filled culinary adventure. These delicious potato slices smothered in melted cheese are a delightful way to conclude your cheese-inspired journey. But wait, there’s more! The possibilities with cheese are endless, and these recipes are just the beginning.

Whether you’re looking for appetizers, main courses, or creative uses for cheese, this article has provided you with an array of options. From cheesy leeks to beer mac ‘n’ cheese, from stuffed meatballs to hiding it in bread or pie crusts – you now have a treasure trove of ideas for utilizing that leftover hunk of cheddar or wheel of brie.

So go ahead and explore these recipes using cheese. Get creative in the kitchen and let your taste buds rejoice as they experience the creamy goodness that only cheese can bring. Embrace the versatility of this dairy delight and embark on a cheesy culinary adventure like no other.

Remember, when it comes to cooking with cheese, there are no limits. So grab your apron and get ready to indulge in some cheesy goodness that will leave you craving more. Happy cooking!

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