Vancouver’s CheeseButta Continues Expansion via Local Investors through Second Capital Raise on the SMBX Marketplace - CheeseButta - Gourmet Products

Vancouver’s CheeseButta Continues Expansion via Local Investors through Second Capital Raise on the SMBX Marketplace

Vancouver’s CheeseButta Continues Expansion via Local Investors through Second Capital Raise on the SMBX Marketplace

Local residents are investing directly in the company and helping bring more jobs to Vancouver by purchasing Small Business Bonds™ on the SMBX marketplace.

Vancouver, WA, July 20, 2022—CheeseButta™, the Henri’s Restaurant favorite for 50 years and now shipping nationwide, is adding more staff, purchasing equipment, and ramping up marketing through a second capital raise on the Small Business Bond marketplace SMBX. Through SMBX, people can invest directly in local small businesses and be repaid monthly principal and interest.

“For 50 years my father’s CheeseButta recipe was a customer favorite at our family’s restaurant in Longview,” said Michael Paul, founder and CEO of CheeseButta. “Today, people everywhere are enjoying it. Raising additional funds through Small Business Bonds will allow us to purchase equipment, hire more staff, and spread our CheeseButta to more homes and restaurants across the country.”

“Based on the success of our first raise on SMBX, we purchased a walk-in cooler and freezer, a secondary mixer, hired four amazing staff, and repaid our investors,” said Paul. “This new raise will allow us to purchase more equipment, hire more staff, and keep growing the business.”

CheeseButta is a classic family recipe that dates back over fifty years. It blends four flavorful cheeses together with aromatically seasoned butter to create a gourmet, one-of-a-kind melting spread. Originally created by Chef Henri Paul, the recipe was passed down to his son Michael Paul, who is now on a mission to share it with the world. Henri Paul was a master chef who served thousands of culinary dinners for hunters and fishermen. Over his restaurant’s successful 50 year run, he became synonymous with his locally famous cheese bread, coated with the delicious, one-of-a-kind CheeseButta.

After his father’s passing, son Michael Paul did not want the family recipe to get lost, so he decided to revive a timeless creation in a modern way, taking CheeseButta to market. CheeseButta prides itself on using nothing but high quality, unprocessed ingredients. Their product line has expanded to several new flavors, including habanero, pepperoni, roasted garlic and smoked bacon.

Today, CheeseButta has grown an eager new fanbase of home chefs, foodies, recipe-creators and high-end snackers. The products are ordered and shipped all across the country, turning everyday dishes into gourmet creations. CheeseButta’s vision is to help their customers create family traditions and memories of special occasions with CheeseButta’s bold flavors. 

Residents can purchase CheeseButta’s Small Business Bonds for as little as $10 and begin earning 8% interest through direct monthly payments over 5 years. CheeseButta’s Small Business Bonds can be found at

The SMBX is the Small Business Bond marketplace that connects qualified small business owners with everyday investors. By issuing a Small Business Bond, businesses can borrow money from existing customers and their community at competitive rates, raising the funds needed to expand their business.


For more information, contact: Michael Paul,, 360.363.0216    

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