Habanero Bacon Egg and Potato Sandwich on a Pub Bun

This sandwich will take your breakfast to the next level! Full of flavor, and comes together fairly quickly. You can easily substitute your favorite CheeseButta and seasonings to make it even better for you! Let us know if you give this recipe a try. 

Your Family will think you are a Master Chef with this one….Trust me.

Habanero CheeseButta Bacon, Egg & Potato Sandwich on a Pub Bun, was so much fun to make.

Using the Chef Henri’s Secret for the eggs made them out of this world. We Then cooked some thick cut smoked bacon.

The Pub Bun has the Habanero CheeseButta® spread on the bun and then toasted in the Air Fryer until golden brown, this gave our sandwich a nice bit of heat and paired nicely with the smoked bacon and hearty potatoes.

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