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GristleMedia reviews CheeseButta and CheeseBall Bites

Thank you Gristle for the very energetic review of our Original CheeseButta, variety pack, and Pepperoni Mozzarella CheeseBall Bites! He put them all together to make a grilled cheese sandwich, so make sure to watch the video to see how it made it and what he thought! Gristle uses his page to share all things food! Check out his social media channels below







the fine folks at cheese butter reached out to me the other day and asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their product cheese butter cheese butter yeah get it give me give me give me give me give me you give me anyways they gave me so let’s make a grilled cheese cheese butter piece of bread but take these mozzarella pepperoni balls Crush Crush Crush Crush another slice just pre-dollop let it do its thing pretty good get it onto a plate always diagonal oh that is good grilled cheese filling of course that crusty little cheese on the outside oh yo cheese butter thank you again this stuff made an amazing grilled cheese I can’t wait to see what else I could use it on

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