Our Mission at CheeseButta™

  • Our mission at CheeseButta is to create a quality, unique product. Our vision is to have our savory products be used as delicious enhancements for your recipes.
  • Our products can be used to turn your everyday dishes into Gourmet Creations. I love creativity and hope to spark your inner “chef”, creating new recipes or adding an amazing twist on a classic.
  • Created over 50 years ago by Chef Henry Paul, we have now taken his unique “Trade Secret” recipe and created a unique brand, CheeseButta™

Our Story at CheeseButta™

The original recipe was created by my father, Henry, who was a chef and restauranteur. At Henri’s Restaurant, his cheese butter was made every day and used as a spread on French bread, then toasted in the broiler. For over 50 years, Henri’s delicious cheesebread accompanied every meal and the customers loved it. Henry soon became famous for his classic cheesebread.
Since my father’s passing, I have taken up the torch and carried this legacy to the next generation. I have spent the last year envisioning and preparing new recipes to share with you.

CheeseButta™ was born.

I have taken Henri’s unique and delicious recipe to the next level, so you too can enjoy the delectableness in your home. All our varieties start with the Original CheeseButta recipe. From there, we handcrafted these amazing flavors:
– CheeseButta™ Original
– Smoked Bacon CheeseButta™
– Roasted Garlic CheeseButta™
– Habanero CheeseButta™
– Pepperoni CheeseButta™
Simply spread on or mix in CheeseButta, then melt it down to release its unique, rich flavor…and enjoy!
My exclusive product is versatile and has as many uses as you can dream up. Once you try it, your imagination for melting it into other food favorites will come to life.
Packaged in a convenient, safe, tamper-resistant, and reusable container, we trust you will thoroughly enjoy CheeseButta on your favorite breads and anything else you can dream up.
Happy CheeseButta-ing!
Michael Paul – CEO


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Smoked Bacon
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Roasted Garlic
32415P3 CHB CheeseButta Rendering Lid Habanero16oz
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