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We Believe Food Unites Us:

  • Food is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries.
  • Sharing a meal with others creates a sense of community and fosters connections.
  • Food holds the power to evoke emotions and stir memories, creating lasting impressions.
  • Culinary traditions and flavors from different cultures promote understanding and appreciation for diversity.
  • Social gatherings centered around food bring people together, fostering relationships and strengthening bonds.
  • Sharing a meal can symbolize peace and reconciliation, bridging gaps and healing divides.
  • Food reminds us of our shared humanity and common desires for nourishment, connection, and happiness.

our mission is to spread smiles to you and your family.

We believe in the contagious power of a smile. When you enjoy CheeseButta with your next meal, snack, or any occasion, it will bring a smile to your face and those around you.

Smiles have the ability to create lasting memories – from past moments, to future experiences, and even the present. We want to help you remember to smile and cherish these positive memories.
With just a simple smile, you can contribute to changing the world for the better.

CheeseButta is our way of reminding you to smile, while all you need to do is supply the smile itself.

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