CheeseBall Bite Stuffed Burger Recipe

A fun twist on your average stuffed burger, our CheeseBall Bites make it quick and easy to make a restaurant worthy meal.

Simply stuff a few bites in between two thin patties and press to seal, the rest is up to you! Try it with any of our 7 flavors, and add different toppings to create a fun and unique burger!

For even more cheesy deliciousness, add some CheeseButta to your burger buns and toast until golden brown. 

Ditch the average stuffed burger! Our CheeseBall Bites are the secret weapon for a restaurant-worthy meal at home, in minutes.

Just imagine: juicy patties packed with melty, bite-sized cheese explosions. Simply stuff a few CheeseBall Bites between two thin patties, press to seal, and get creative!

We have 7 delicious flavors to choose from, so go wild with toppings and craft your own burger masterpiece. For the ultimate cheesegasm, toast your buns with some of our CheeseButta for a golden-brown, cheesy halo. Get ready to experience burger bliss!


  • Hamburger meat/patties
  • Chef Henri’s Secret Seasoning
  • your favorite CheeseBall Bites
  • any flavor of CheeseButta
  • Burger Bun
  • Toppings of your choice 


  1. Shape burger meat into thin patties, season with Chef Henri’s Secret seasoning
  2. Grab 2 thin patties, and add 2-3 CheeseBall Bites in between the patties. Press together firmly to seal the edges.
  3. Cook patties to desired doneness.
  4. While patties are cooking, spread your favorite CheeseButta onto the burger buns, and grill or air fry until golden brown and crispy.
  5. Assemble your burger with any additional toppings you want to add such as onions, lettuce, tomato, mac & cheese, sauces, etc.
  6. Serve with fries or a side salad, and enjoy!
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