WARNING: Excessive CheeseButta consumption may lead to uncontrollable smiles, spontaneous cheese puns,
and an insatiable desire to share the joy with everyone you meet.
Proceed with caution (and a napkin).

Spreading Joy, One Bite at a Time!

CheeseButta® Gourmet Cheese Melts

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At CheeseButta, we believe in the power of food to bring people together and create moments of pure joy. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time indulger, our cheesebread is here to brighten your day and spread happiness to every corner of the world.

CheeseButta has the remarkable ability to foster a strong bond within families and communities. As you gather around the table, sharing laughter and stories, our cheesebread becomes the centerpiece that ignites conversations and creates lasting memories. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience that brings loved ones closer together.

Real Cheese

Quality Ingredients & No Artificial “Junk”

KETO Friendly

One a KETO Diet? Our CheeseBall Bites Snacks are Perfect!

Gluten Free

Clean & Gluten Free Products

Why CheeseButta?

  • CheeseButta Melts are like symphonies for your taste buds. Imagine gourmet cheeses, hand-picked for their creamy charm and bold personalities, swirling together in a molten masterpiece. 
  • Whether you’re a grilled cheese aficionado or a dip-dunking daredevil, our melts will have you chanting “cheese, please!” with every bite.


  • CheeseBall Bites. Crafted with love, using only the finest cheeses and the most outrageous mix-ins (think habanero’s and bacon, or maybe pineapples and macadamia nuts… we’re a little bit adventurous here at CheeseButta HQ). 
  • Pop one in your mouth and prepare for a flavor fiesta that’ll leave you humming with cheesy satisfaction.

Real talk from our real customers

Our mission is to transcend the ordinary and infuse every culinary experience with joy.

We believe that in every bite lies an opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, making CheeseButta not just a culinary destination but a beacon of genuine happiness.”

Through innovative creations that push culinary boundaries, we bring people together, fostering connections and sparking enthusiasm for the art of food.

With a personalized touch and a commitment to inclusivity, we strive to make every individual feel valued and cherished. Our culinary adventures go beyond taste, embracing the contagious joyfulness that defines the CheeseButta experience.

CheeseBall® Bites

Deliciously New & Exceptional Cheese Blends! Bursting with Flavor!

Discover a wide range of expertly crafted cheese blends that are sure to ignite your culinary creativity.

Our handcrafted cheese blends are guaranteed to inspire your inner chef and elevate your snacking endeavors to new heights. Carefully curated to provide a burst of flavor and enhance any dish you create.

Envision the possibility of enjoying a portable Charcuterie Board wherever you may roam! Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering experience of our brand-new CheeseBall Bites.

Choose from a range of 11 diverse package options to cater to your preferences.

Experience the savory goodness, followed by the delightful notes of garlic, and then indulge in the irresistible combination of bacony and spicy habanero. Finally, savor the sweet and tangy delight of our Thai chili CheeseBall Bites. Each bite is carefully crafted to offer a unique and delectable taste experience that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Gourmet Seasoning’s by Chef Henri®

Chef Inspired World Class Seasonings

Crafted by the esteemed Chef Henri, our array of seasonings exudes unparalleled excellence. With a delightful assortment of six distinct choices, we guarantee to satisfy all your culinary cravings.

From the tantalizing flavors perfect for enhancing steak, chicken, and pork, to the delectable blends designed specifically for barbecue, rubs, and seafood delicacies.

Rest assured, we have got your culinary back covered, and our exceptional seasonings will elevate your cooking prowess, ultimately transforming you into a legendary hero within your own kitchen.

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